from new to seasoned investors, Chicago funding is the lender of choice.
Why do the biggest investors work with Chicago Funding? Put simply, we get the deal done. Chicago Funding works with with new to seasoned investor in the Chicagoland area. With so much confusion in the industry, Chicago Funding was created to be the one source for all of your funding needs.
What will you be eligible for?
A Single Source Financing Partner
Industry Leading Customer Service
Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to provide a smooth, efficient process.
Competitively Priced
Programs designed to provide investors with straightforward rates & terms with absolutely no hidden costs or junk fees.
Meeting All Your Investment Needs
No matter the investment, we can help you find financing.
Efficient  Communication
Our online application process and client portal make document tracking easier, guiding you through every step of the process.
Short-term financing for residential real estate investors.
Chicago Funding offers short-term bridge financing options for real estate investors for a multitude of non-owner occupied properties. Cross-collateralization options are available. A six-month extension is available for our 18-month bridge loan (a 2% fee will apply).
  • Amount: $50k to $2.5M+
  • LTV: Up to 85% of the Purchase Price; Up to 70% Refinance; Up to 65% Cash-Out.
  •  FICO: 600 Minimum
What We Have To Offer
Fix & Flip Bridge Loans
  • Loan Amount: 50k to 2.5M plus
  • LTV: Up to 85% of the Purchase Price,  up to 70% Refinance, up to 65% Cash-out.
  • FICO: 600 Minimum score
Rental 30 Year Fixed Rate
  • Loan Amount: 75k to 1M
  • LTV: Purchase – Lesser of up to 80% of the As-Is Value or Up to 80% Loan-to-Cost.
  • FICO: 660 Minimum score
Cash Out Refinance
  • Loan Amount: 75k to 1M
  • LTV: Refinance – Up to 75% of the As-Is Value, Cash-Out – Up to 70% of the As-Is Value
  • FICO: 660 Minimum score
R.E. Lines Of Credit
  • Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
  • Feature: Explain the benefit of your products
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How to Fund Your Flips
How to Fund Your Rental Properties
We are ready to partner with you today!
Launch Your Project
With Chicago Funding.
Are you ready to launch your project? We are ready to work with you to find the best possible solution to get your project funded. It's time to stop putting your dreams on the back burner. Fill out the form below to receive a call back from one of our Chicago Funding representatives. 
"I was amazed at the speed and professionalism that this team stepped on board and deliver timely. I am thrilled I get to work with them. "
"Working with Nancy and Chicago Funding has been a amazingly effortless experience. They simplified the process for me. "
"I was nervous about being able to obtain the right type of funding I needed for my flip. my credit was not the best, but Chicago Funding was still able to secure the funds needed for my project. Forever grateful! "
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